Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Grams

I wanted to take a minute and let everyone in on something very simple but that goes a long, long way. 

... Happy Grams... 

This is very simple and does not need to be done all the time. Happy Grams are what I call my positive feedback emails to parents. Its such a cute subject line and I love the way it sounds so happy! My students' parents really enjoy these friendly emails and you will get a ton of positive feedback about it! 

I do not do it every month. I typically send out the first round in October, this way it gives me time to really get to know each student and their unique personality from when school starts until the time I send it out. November we have conferences so I send my second round until December or January. I try to send out my Happy Grams every other month.  In my note I only give positive feedback. I do not put anything about what the child needs to work on or any weaknesses in academics or social behaviors. This is meant to let parents know I see something special in every child in my classroom. Every parent wants to know their child is being loved and cared for while they at school all day long. Especially in Kindergarten.
Here is an example of what a Happy Gram looks like.

Subject: *Happy Gram*

Hello Mrs. Ryan!

This is a Happy Gram. A Happy Gram just lets you know something wonderful about your child!

I wanted to let you know that Jenna is doing very well in Kindergarten! She is a super, sweet girl. She loves participating in class and is 
really great at dancing and doing our yoga with Maximo. She did a
 great job as Star and Helper of the week! She had a very busy
 week! Leading the ABC Chant was her specialty!

Thank you for  sending in the cookies!

Mrs. Quigley

Many of the parents reached out to me saying how this email made them so happy. It even made a few cry! It really is the little things that mean the most to people. My kids even loved that I sent the Happy Grams! They told 
me how their mom or dad read it to them!read It made everyone feel 
warm and fuzzy inside!!


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