Saturday, September 27, 2014

. . .Classroom Reveal . . .

This is my first year teaching Kindergarten in a new school and I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I could get into my classroom to begin setting up! Its ALL I thought about all summer long while I was sitting out by the pool and making classroom crafts! Imagining in my head where I would put the students tables, calendar, classroom library, and my very own teacher desk (It's my first one)!  I played with so many different room layouts and color schemes my brain turned into a rainbow of mush!

Then the day comes, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! I get to go into my room and begin setting up! So that morning I get up super early to get there as early as I possibly can!  I am sure the school secretary saw NEWBIE tattooed on my forehead as I rang the doorbell with a huge smile on my face! She pointed me in the direction of my room and off I went...

When I got to my classroom door I stepped in and BAM... realty hit...

This is what I saw:

I must admit I panicked. But, then I took a few deep breaths and started moving furniture. I moved tables this way and that way, back and forth until I stepped back and saw a classroom. I took a moment to be proud of this little accomplishment and then began the fun stuff: DECORATING!!!

This is my classroom library. I still need to label the bins and I am on the hunt for a cozy lounging pillow for my kiddies to lay on! I found all of these bins and chevron rug at Big Lots! 
(My new favorite store!)

This is the view of the student tables. I love my color combo!

I just LOVE my colorful polka dot sight word wall! I purchased these awesome product from Crayonbox Learning,

 These pictures are of my teacher desk are. I used some of my Big Lots bins for organizing all my papers for the week! I used bulletin board letters to label my bins so they were bright and big! I use the front of my desk for my essential questions and standard for the week. The district I work in requires them to be posted and I simply do not have enough wall space, so I laminated the posters and essential question strips and added magnets to the back! It is so easy the change them weekly or even daily and they are super cute!

Here is my carpet area, where we do calendar every morning.

This is my Math area. All of our math manipulative are in the clear bins and I just love that my math buckets have a shelf all for themselves. I also laminated bulletin board numbers and tape them onto the buckets so they are clearly labeled for our math center time. I still need to find a home for my treasure chest. (We are not allowed to have anything in the window shelves because of the heaters)

Back behind our classroom library is our coat closet. I house all of our Journeys materials on these shelves and my kinders put their backpacks and coats on the hooks. Don't our parts of an apple projects look so cute and festive?!?!

I went with black tablecloth as my hallway bulletin board background, so I don't have to change it all year. I love how the black makes everything POP! I didnt want to do my classroom all black so I stuck to the hallway :)

So that's my classroom! I know there is still so much to add to it. But thats for over the course of the school year and with the help of my little kinders!

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my classroom!