Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's in Your Cart? Linky Party!

TpT is having a site wide sale August 4 - 5!!!

Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting a linky party for the TPT back-to-school sale. You can save up to 28% on products using the code: BTS14. This is my 1st time being a part of the sale and a LINKY PARTY!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!! This is such a super fun idea Jenna!

So here goes... This is what is in my cart...

This will be a FABULOUS game to use during center time up at the Smart Board!!! It will help my kinders practice letter sounds and it is a great, easy way to give them experience working with the Smart Board! I always like to have my kiddies use a special Smart Board Wand to drag letters and pictures across the screen. The wand is MAGIC. They just are so engaged when using the Smart Board! I think I KNOW this will make a great, great, great center!

2. Sentence Strip ABCs

Over at Animal Crackers and Apple Juice's TpT Store they have soo many adorable products I can barely contain myself! This product is such a fun idea! It will go perfectly with my letter of the week unit!!!! This will be such a great activity for my kiddies to do before we make our whole-class letter anchor charts to display around the classroom!

3. CVC Writing Strips

I am a HUGEEEE Tara West fan! I love her blog, Little Minds at Work and her TpT Store! Her products are not only cute but AMAZING materials to use in the classroom! Her products are also very age appropriate!! These CVC Writing Strips will be such a great activity for me to use during guided reading with my small groups! There are so many ways to differentiate this activity as well! I know my kinders will love love love this activity!

4. Teacher Binder

This teacher binder, #1 is so cute and will go so nicely with my chevron & polka dot themed room and #2 will keep me so organized during my first year in a new school! Jeanna Norman's Teacher Binder has everything a teacher needs to not loose her mind! I can not wait to use it to keep track of everything during the school year and bring it to staff meetings to stay organized with dates, events and meetings and hopefully get some compliments along the way! ;)

That's all I have for now! I can't wait to see what everyone else has on their list! I know I will add more to my list after reading everyone's ideas!

Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Time Craft Session

I know everyone has seen this project on Pinterest, but I finally have made it!!! I am talking about the "1st Day of Kindergarten Frame"!!!! It is SO SO SO cute and very easy to make! I went to my local craft store and bought a cheap wooden frame. It had to be large enough to fit all of the letters across it but, small enough that it wasn't to heavy for my little kinders to hold up when it is picture time!

I used bright green paint that I had in the garage. We painted our guest bathroom this green... It turned out AWFUL! Now that bathroom is a very pretty blue, but HEY! That green paint was meant for something! It is the perfect shade of green for a classroom! I went over to my friend Linda's house the other day to make this project. Don't you just love teacher crafting hang outs??? They are my favorite way to get together with friends! We painted our frames. It need two coats, to not see any of the wood peeking through the paint. It took awhile to dry, while we waited my Linda and I chatted about other school projects we could do over the summer while drinking seltzer (Yummy raspberry lime!! My favorite!)and snacking on cheez its! So kinder of us! LoL Once the frames we completely dry we hot glued the already pre-cut letters I bought from the local teacher store. I got 3 inch letters which fit perfectly! I then painted my wooden apple and added my name to it!

This will be such a FABULOUS thing to have for the first day of school! I CAN NOT wait to take my kinder kiddies pictures in it and then later give it to their parents as a gift!! This is something parents will keep and cherish forever! 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My First Post!

Hi Everyone! 

I am starting this blog because I have JUST discovered the blogging world! I don't know where I have been. I guess under a rock? I am not really sure why I didn't know about this fun, creative, and oh so exciting blogging world, but boy am I glad that I have found it!

I recently got a new teaching job in a public school teaching KINDERGARTEN!!!! I am so excited about this new adventure in my life. I was teaching Preschool for the last three years and am so so so thrilled to have my dream job. Public School and Kindergarten!!! Yay!!!!!  After, spending the last month stalking following all of the AMAZING teaching blogs out there I have decided to start my own. I want to record my experiences of my first year in a new school and a new grade!  I will also share my ideas, pictures of my classroom, and tons of teacher created lessons! In the days leading up to the start of a new school year (*40 days* but who's counting), I will post different things I make for my new room!

This is still a learning process for me, but I am very excited! ... So stay tuned! I will have oodles to share with you! :)

<3 Kristen